Services Available Via GO Training


Personal Training:

A personal, 1 to 1 service which meets any needs you may have; Weight Loss, Toning, Strength, Fitness or just need something to do. I'll not only train you, you'll understand why your doing everything and you'll make a friend. 


Group Training: 

Whether its a team or just a group of people, I can offer a dynamic energetic service. Whether its a fitness class, toning class or circuit class, one thing is for sure, you'll enjoy yourself while getting the work out you want.


Sports Specific Training: 

Sport is my life. I love all kinds of sport and the challenge each one presents. Due to my vast knowledge and understanding of the physical demands of each sport, regardless of your sport, I can help you get results.


Nutritional Advice and Diets: 

The word DIET is commonly thought of as what people do when losing weight. But that's not the case. A diet is what you eat, pre-exercise, post-exercise, during exercise and all day every day. Whether you need a balanced diet, want your diet to benefit you more daily, want to lose weight or want your diet to help your exercise, I have the tools to help.


Special Training:


I can offer exercise and nutritional advice for people of all circumstances. I have trained a range of people in the past, including, Diabetics, Pregnant Women and a person recovering from Heart Surgery.


Sports Psychology:

Having a problem getting into the frame of mind to complete at your best? Or just cant get motivated?

I could help.


Exercise Programmes:

If your already exercising with someone or by yourself and just want a better programme to work to. After a screening and goal assessment, i could write you a programme which would help you achieve those goals.


 Injury Recovery:

If you need to build back up your strength in injured area or build back up your fitness. I could help you with a programme that will build you back up without further injury.


If your interested in any of these services or would like to talk about something else, or a combination of services. Please contact me to book your free, no obligation, consultation. 

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