Testimonials from People how have come into contact with Geoff O'Brien and GO Training:-


 Vicky Benham - Client Looking to Lose Weight

"3 stone and several inches in just over 10 weeks!! Personal Training with Geoff has been great; he is very down to earth and extremely motivating. Being someone who hates being told what to do, I found Geoff a pleasure to work with. He pushed me every week when I thought I couldn't do anymore and I enjoyed learning about which exercises worked different muscles. When I first met with Geoff he explained everything thoroughly to me and I always felt comfortable asking any questions. He wrote a training programme specific to my needs which included Walking, the Gym, Spinning, Swimming, Badminton and a Toning session with Geoff. If you want to lose weight, get fit or just find the motivation to do both, then Geoff is your man!
Thank you for all your help Geoff."


Leigh Osgood - Football Player Who's Team Recieved Pre-Season Training


"When I first arrived at training I was scared looking at all the cones and poles laid out. But once Geoff explained all the exercises and how the circuit training was going to work, I wasn't scared, more excited. As the pre-season progressed I found myself feeling fitter and not getting as tired. The number of players who actually turned up to pre-season training was much higher than the seasons before. I would recommend Geoff highly as a trainer. He works you hard but it a way thats fun. I cant wait to the next pre-season."

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